Montana and Idaho CDT

Welcome to Big Sky Country and the land of the Nez Perce. Steeped in tradition and history, along the Trail’s northern section you trace the steps of Lewis and Clark and Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce.  Under a giant blue sky, Montana and Idaho boast a diverse and beautiful landscape of timber-covered mountains, flowing trout streams, open prairies, rocky bluffs and canyon-carved lakes. The CDT extends for 800 miles through Big Sky Country and steps over the border into Idaho for 180 miles.

The CDT travels through some of Montana and Idaho’s most majestic and historic lands: Waterton Lake and Glacier National Park on the Canadian border, the lofty peaks of the Anaconda, Bitterroot and Beaverhead Mountains, Lemhi Pass where Lewis and Clark first set foot on the Divide, Hell Roaring Canyon, Chief Joseph Pass – named for the most famous of Nez Perce chiefs, ghosts of mining past, the untamed Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex and the Chinese Wall – a 1,000 foot escarpment.

Montana and Idaho are home to the mountain goat, grizzly bear, gray wolf, bald eagle and osprey, as well as, Douglas fir, lodgepole pine, aspen, lady-slipper, buttercups, beargrass and glacier lilies.

Trail Status
: Out of the estimated 980 miles of the CDT in Montana and Idaho, 400 miles still need to be completed.

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