Permits Needed for CDT Adventures

In all but National Parks, permits are not needed to hike along the CDT.  Please find a list below of how to obtain the necessary backcountry permits for hiking the CDT in National Parks.

Montana/ Idaho:

Glacier NP- permit/fees, contact BackcountryPermits GlacierNational Park, P.O. Box 395 WestGlacier, MT59936, Phone  (406) 888-7800

(Blackfeet Tribal Lands near East Glacier- permit required, contact Blackfeet Fish & Wildlife (406) 338-7207)

 Wyoming :

Yellowstone NP – permit/fees, contact NPS Backcountry Office, P.O. Box 168, Yellowstone Natl Park, WY 82190, Phone (307) 344-2160 or (307) 344-2163

Grand Teton NP- permit/fees, contact Backcountry Office Grand Teton NP, P.O. Drawer 170, Moose, WY83012-0170, Phone (307) 739-3602


Rocky Mountain NP- permit/fees, contact Rocky Mountain Natl Park Backcountry Office, Estes Park, CO 80517, Phone (970) 586-1242

IndianPeaks Wilderness-permit required, contact Sulphur Ranger District USFS P.O. Box 10, Granby, CO 80446, Phone (303) 887-3331

New Mexico: 

El Malpais National Monument- fees, contact NPS El Malpais Natl Monument, P.O. Box 939 Grants, NM 87020 (505) 285-4641